The Wolf eating the Raven

.-no worth
.-my life is worthless-.
.-I'm just a child of sin-.


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by Death aka Vrauw

death, the silent liberator
some fear him
some search him
but noone can conquer him
he is everyone's destiny
there's nothing to stop him

death, the destroyer
the enemie of all who love
raze one life and demolish another
blow the living to the ground
and welcome them to his land
but unite again
and take the pain

death has many faces


by Death aka Vrauw

no worth...
my life is worthless
I'm just a child of sin
no one wants me
I have no use
worthless, useless

I just need anyone
but nobody needs me
I will never be someone
it's just my destiny
there is no chance to change
loveless, hopeless

I don't know for what I exist
there's no abandonment for me
so I don't know what i should do
wandering around
without a destination
aimless, bootless

but suddenly someone was there
first I didn't knew
but I felt he's special
followed him, handed me over
found all I searched for in him
peerless, priceless


Riot Craveneth
by Death aka Vrauw

blood on the ground in front of you
blood on your clothes
blood on your hands
blood in your eyes
born to destroy and kill
don't know what's like to be truly loved

killing for living
living for killing
destroy all
destroy yourself
don't need anyone
being cold as ice

feeling the emptiness
just suffering under loneliness
life has no worth
want to feel nothing
but feel the pain
searching for anyone beloved

finding someone who blows you to the edge
almost dying becasue of him
but finding back
and have to see
he's the one you searched for
ignore the pain and fighting for


The Heartless
by Death aka Vrauw

I'm heartless
I've got no soul
I feel nothing

I lost my heart
a long time ago
someone ripped it out
this one was just like me now
no feelings, no heart, no soul
just want to make others the same

I don't ask questions
I've got only one aim
I'm searching for hearts

don't know who I was
but also not interested to know
because I have my purpose
want to steal hearts
no matter who's
none soul is more worthy than another

by Death aka Vrauw

hate and destruction
that's all I've got for you
worthless humans
raze all your existences
that's the reason I'm living for

hate is all I feel
eyery day, every hour, every second
just for you
you're all the time in my head
this thoughts make me insane

yes, I am insane
because of you, fools you are
you destroyed me, do it even now
in my head is just revenge
so I will destroy you...

by Death aka Vrauw

ice on my skin
ice in my eyes
ice inside my heart
disowned because of what I am
hated because of what I am
destined to be alone

damned to be without anyone
destroying the ones who accept me
because of my egoism
it's my curse
and I suffer all my life
but that's all I deserve
but can't take

but in the biggest moment of pain
feeling the death takes my hand
someone came, ripped the pain out of my chest
gave me hope, foment my soul
now I'm able to live again
with the disgrace of my past
because all what happened was right


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